Mar 11, 2022
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​Why You Should Invest In A Rainfall Shower


Alan K.

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Mar 11, 2022



There really isn’t anything quite like a rainfall shower in your bathroom! Whether it’s an invigorating shower to wake you up in the morning, or a tranquil soak to wind down the day, a waterfall shower is an investment your whole family will love!

A rainfall shower does exactly what it says on the tin – the shower head distributes water across a wide surface, emulating a rainfall; the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Here are our top five reasons to invest in a rainfall shower in 2022!

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A Touch of Luxury at Home

Bring the spa to your family bathroom with a rainfall shower! It really adds a touch of luxury to your bathing experience.

Our Nile Chrome Round Wall Shower Kit allows you to fine-tune your shower experience to your preference with its two control handles, controlling flow, water pressure and water temperature.

The flow of water can be adjusted from a gentle shower rainfall to a drenching pour. The only downfall is, your shower might form a long queue of family members!

More Affordable Than Ever

Once a thing of luxury only found in hotel bathrooms and fancy spas, rainfall showers are now accessible to everyone with. They are becoming more affordable than ever, allowing them to feature in our family bathrooms and en suites at home!

B4U SD 1000SD
Safe For Your Family

At Bathrooms Direct, our rainfall showers are safe for the whole family to use with their anti-scald technology. The thermostatic valve in the Niagra Chrome Square Head Rainfall Shower offers a constant water flow and a pre-set temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. The device will automatically shut off in the event of a hot or cold water supply failure.

A Low Cost Investment

Updating your bathroom with a rain shower head is a low cost investment with maximum results. A contemporary shower head can totally transform your bathroom experience; a relatively low cost upgrade will enhance your shower and make it inviting for you, your family and your guests!


Traditionally shower heads have been seen as clunky and a little awkward looking, with hoses hanging awkwardly and nozzles poking out. With the new rainfall showers you won’t want to hide it behind a shower curtain!

Our Victoria Square Black Concealed Shower Kit is the perfect shower for those looking for an instant bathroom facelift! With its sleek and modern design, this model comes in a sleek black complements any bathroom suite.


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